Care management actions in the Family Health Strategy


  • Marcelo Costa Fernandes
  • Lucilane Maria Sales da Silva
  • Maria Rocineide Ferreira da Silva
  • Thereza Maria Magalhães Moreira



Public Health Nursing, Nursing Care, Management.


Objective: to identify, from nurses’ speeches, the actions that enable care management in the Family Health Strategy.Methods: descriptive study with a qualitative approach conducted with 32 nurses of primary care. It was used a semistructuredinterview as the data collection technique. The methodological process of the collective subject discourse wasused to organize the data Results: from the nurses’ speeches one identified the categories: complementary relationshipbetween care and management; meeting with community health agents, a care management strategy in nurses’ work;health education activities such as a care management action and a health information system as an essential tool forcare Conclusion: it was possible to observe that nurses understood the importance of coordination and complementaritybetween the activities of the working process of care and management.




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Fernandes, M. C., Silva, L. M. S. da, Silva, M. R. F. da, & Moreira, T. M. M. (2015). Care management actions in the Family Health Strategy. Rev Rene, 16(5), 664–671.



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