Self-esteem of people with venous ulcers


  • Amanda Jéssica Gomes de Souza
  • Samilly Márjore Dantas Liberato Campos
  • Marina Góes Salvetti
  • Cintia Galvão Queiroz
  • Gilson de Vasconcelos Torres
  • Isabelle Katherinne Fernandes Costa



Varicose Ulcer, Quality of Life, Delivery of Health Care, Nursing.


Objective: to verify the level of self-esteem of people with venous ulcer and its relationship with sociodemographic, care and clinical characteristics. Methods: cross-sectional study with 44 patients with venous ulcers assisted in primary health care and evaluated using the Rosenberg Self-Esteem Scale. Descriptive and inferential statistics were performed. The t-test was to compare means of the scale scores in relation to sociodemographic, care and clinical characteristics. Results: the mean self-esteem was 9.3 (± 5.1). The variables that showed association with self-esteem were: married/common-law married patients (p=0.016), with occupation (p=0.023), using compressive therapy (p=0.040), under less than six months of treatment (p=0.014), and with small ulcers (p=0.010). Conclusion: the self-esteem of patients with venous ulcers was satisfactory/high, and it was especially higher among those with partner, with occupational activity, making use of compressive therapy, at the initial phase of the treatment and who had small ulcers.




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Souza, A. J. G. de, Campos, S. M. D. L., Salvetti, M. G., Queiroz, C. G., Torres, G. de V., & Costa, I. K. F. (2017). Self-esteem of people with venous ulcers. Rev Rene, 18(5), 569–576.



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