Knowledge and use of medicinal plants for users of two basic health units


  • Diego Florêncio Lima
  • Débora Linsbinski Pereira
  • Fábio Francoly Franciscon
  • Claudia dos Reis
  • Valfran da Silva Lima
  • Pacífica Pinheiro Cavalcanti



Plants, Medicinal, Phytotherapy, Complementary Therapies.


We aimed at verifying the knowledge and use of medicinal plants among users of two Family Health Units. This was a quantitative survey carried out between June and August 2010 at Sinop, Mato Grosso, Brazil. We used a structured interview guide, attended by 302 people of both sexes, which indicated that 77 plants are used for the treatment of several diseases, only 7.67% did not use medicinal plants. However, we described the 10 most reported plants, the part used for each form and its preparation. Only 0.9% of the population interviewed acquired information about such plants with health professionals. It is necessary to invest in initiatives that promote greater integration of the use of medicinal plants within the programs developed at Family Health Units, as well as a greater training of these professionals, by incorporating content that include herbal medicine in undergraduate courses.




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Lima, D. F., Pereira, D. L., Franciscon, F. F., Reis, C. dos, Lima, V. da S., & Cavalcanti, P. P. (2014). Knowledge and use of medicinal plants for users of two basic health units. Rev Rene, 15(3).



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