The facing of violence in the Health Family Strategy: a proposal of intervention


  • Viviane Rolim de Holanda
  • Eliane Rolim de Holanda
  • Maria Amelia de Souza


Violence, Basic Health Care, Social Support, Social Support Network.


This paper presents an experience report about the actions and the main results of a research-action project, which was developed at Zona da Mata Pernambucana, and it was directed to the prevention of violence in the Basic Health Care. First, it was done the situational diagnostic followed by the sensitization of community and of the professionals who form the health family team. Next, there were workshops based on the methodology of problematization with emphasis on precocious identification and adequate routing of people in situation of risk or violence. The developed actions contributed to the promotion of peace culture, fortification of social support network to face the local violence, critic formation of students, as well as the building of an attention model which priories the community quality of life.





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Holanda, V. R. de, Holanda, E. R. de, & Souza, M. A. de. (2013). The facing of violence in the Health Family Strategy: a proposal of intervention. Rev Rene, 14(1). Retrieved from



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