Stress and coping among nurses of hemato-oncologic units


  • Juliane Umann
  • Rodrigo Marques da Silva
  • Eliane Raquel Rieth Benetti
  • Laura de Azevedo Guido


Oncologic Nursing, Stress, Psychological, Occupational Health


We analyzed stress and Coping strategies used by Hemato-Oncology Unit nurses of a Rio Grande do Sul University Hospital. This is a descriptive, cross-sectional and quantitative study, conducted between March and April 2010. We applied a Form to sociodemographic characterization, Nurses Stress Inventory and Occupational Coping Scale in 18 nurses. We identified 55.55% of nurses in low stress. "Intrinsic Factors for Job" and "Feel emotional distress with work" represented higher stress for nurses. Control was the factor more used to deal with stressors and, in this factor, "I try to do what i think is expected of me" the action more used to manage them. Nurses use problem-centered Copingstrategies, considered more effective to deal with stressors. Therefore, they can have evaluated work in hemato-oncology unit as low-stress.





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Umann, J., Silva, R. M. da, Benetti, E. R. R., & Guido, L. de A. (2013). Stress and coping among nurses of hemato-oncologic units. Rev Rene, 14(4). Retrieved from



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