Readiness in the teaching of nursing process in the perspective of teachers and nurses

  • Raquel Maria Violeta Cossa
  • Miriam de Abreu Almeida
Keywords: Nursing, Nursing Process, Education.


Descriptive exploratory qualitative research conducted in the first half of 2010 with the aim of knowing the readiness of the school of Nursing Process in the perspective of faculty of the Federal public university and nurses at a university hospital in southern Brazil. The participants were four teachers and four nurses. We used semi-structured interviews and thematic analysis of Bardin. We identified four categories, which represent the importance of teaching Nursing Process to be included in the syllabus of this institution in obligatory and not mandatory activities, the training of teachers; to have a University Hospital with the implementation of the Nursing Process, and their informatization. These characteristics are conducive to teaching and learning of student nurses in the Nursing Process. The results show that the quality of education, care and research in two developed institutions is related to the practices, knowledge and experience built in their training, since the beginning of the introduction of the Nursing Process.
Research Article