Family Health Strategy: nurse students’experience during curricular internship


  • José Wicto Pereira Borges
  • Auzilene Moreira de Andrade
  • Anaíze Viana Bezerra de Menezes
  • Ana Débora Assis Moura


Nursing, Family Health, Students, Education


This paper aimed to report an experience of nursing students, concerning the Supervised Practices in a Basic Family Health Unit (UBASF) on the periphery of Fortaleza, and in a Health Unit in Maranguape, Ceará. The activities were developed according to the theoretical references of the Ministry of Health for the acquisition of skills in child and adolescent health, sexual and reproductive health of adults and elderly people. The perception of family as a source of information and focus of care was an acquired skill, because even though they have been developed in specific programs, the engagement of family care has been strengthened in all activities. In short, it is necessary to think about the formation of questioners and participatory nurses, with formal and political qualities and able to establish a dialogue between the diversity of knowledge which are in the daily life of the Family Health Strategy.



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Borges, J. W. P., Andrade, A. M. de, Menezes, A. V. B. de, & Moura, A. D. A. (2011). Family Health Strategy: nurse students’experience during curricular internship. Rev Rene, 12(2). Retrieved from



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