Criteria for selection of experts for validation studies of nursing phenomena


  • Renata Pereira Melo
  • Rafaella Pessoa Moreira
  • Fernanda Cavalcante Fontenele
  • Adriana Sousa Carvalho de Aguiar
  • Emanuella Silva Joventino
  • Emília Campos de Carvalho


Nursing, validation studies, peer review.


The study intended to identify the criteria used for picking out experts in researches on validation of nursing diagnosis, interven­tions, and outcomes. This is a descriptive study, developed from searching in databases/libraries, in June 2010, through the des­criptors: Validation Studies, Content Validation, and experts, in Portuguese, English, and Spanish. Initially, the title and abstracts of the productions were read and 31 of them were selected. Then, this material was read in full, resulting in 3 master dissertations, 4 doctoral dissertations, and 11 articles. Of these, prevailed articles in English, from Brazil, published in nursing journals, using Fehring´s adapted Model. It was so concluded that researchers should direct their criteria to the aims of the study, consider the li­mitations of the subject, respect the requirements for an expert, and use clear criteria, justifying the reasons for using each of them.



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Melo, R. P., Moreira, R. P., Fontenele, F. C., Aguiar, A. S. C. de, Joventino, E. S., & Carvalho, E. C. de. (2011). Criteria for selection of experts for validation studies of nursing phenomena. Rev Rene, 12(2). Retrieved from



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