Solid waste management in family health units


  • Vitória de Cássia Félix de Almeida
  • Sarah de Lima Pinto
  • Antônia Jarismênia Rosado do Nascimento
  • Cícera Raquel Feitosa
  • Pyetro Ramon Pimentel Alencar


Waste management, Medical waste, Health centers, Health centers.


This is a descriptive and exploratory study with quantitative approach that aimed to identify the measures carried out in the health unities in Juazeiro do Norte, State of Ceará, for the management of solid waste. The research was carried out from August to September 2007 and it had samples of 47 nurses’ coordinators of the health sector. In order to collect data, it was used researches as interviews with nurses in addiction to the observation of the unities. No health unity was presented to the HSWMP (Health Solid Waste Management Plan). The following were mentioned as difficulties for the management of solid waste: lack of training of the human resources; deficiency of appropriate material and lack of specific collection of the con­taminated residues and sharp materials. Although more accurate researches are necessary, it is essential a wider knowledge of the subject by the health professionals and management staff.




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Almeida, V. de C. F. de, Pinto, S. de L., Nascimento, A. J. R. do, Feitosa, C. R., & Alencar, P. R. P. (2009). Solid waste management in family health units. Rev Rene, 10(2). Retrieved from



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