Exclusive breastfeeding mothers making use of a day care center at the work place


  • Bárbara de Andrade Alves
  • Juliana Cursi
  • Mariluci Pereira de Camargo Labegalini
  • Ieda Harumi Higarashi
  • Luciana Olga Bercini


Child day care centers, Breast feeding, Child health, Women’s health, Health promotion.


The aim of this study was to understand the factors related to the duration of exclusive breastfeeding among mothers who can make use of a Day Care Center in their work place. It is a qualitative research, accomplished in the Day Care Center of the Maringá State University. The data were collected from May to August 2008, through interviews with 21 staff members, users of the Center. The analysis of the participants’ statements, according to Minayo, made possible the identification of the following themes: Prenatal and breastfeeding; Breastfeeding: beginning, support and influences, Perspectives on going back to work, the baby’s admission to the Day Care Center and exclusive breastfeeding. The study evidenced the need of accom­plishing educational and institutional measures in the sense of creating objective conditions so that the workers would bre­astfeed their children exclusively up to their six months of age and, at the same time, make use of the Day Care Center.




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Alves, B. de A., Cursi, J., Labegalini, M. P. de C., Higarashi, I. H., & Bercini, L. O. (2009). Exclusive breastfeeding mothers making use of a day care center at the work place. Rev Rene, 10(3). Retrieved from http://www.periodicos.ufc.br/rene/article/view/4806



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