Violence against children and adolescent: breaking the silence


  • Estela Maria Leite Meirelles Monteiro
  • Waldemar Brandão Neto
  • Islan Moisalye Barbosa Gomes
  • Roberta Biondi Nery de Freitas
  • Camila Lima Brady
  • Marta Úrsula Barbosa de Moraes


Adolescent, Child abuse, sexual, Nursing.


This is a descriptive exploratory study of qualitative approach, which aims to identify situations of violence experienced by children and adolescents in a public school community in Santo Amaro, Recife-PE. The study involved 58 middle school children and adolescents. An interview form was assigned with speech registrations, subsidizing the construction of the fol­lowing categories: 1 – situations that children and adolescents wouldn’t like to have experienced; 2 -Children and adolescents expectations and wishes for the future. Among the situations that young people would not like to have experienced, the fol­lowing items were identified: intra-family violence; situations of exclusion; interpersonal violence and death; early sexual initiation and sexual violence. As for future expectations and wishes of children and adolescents it was shown the desire for a future with changes in their neighborhood by reducing violence. They also long for the possibility of getting training and professional performance which represent a social status disconnected to the image of marginalization which is part of the daily life of the surrounding area.




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Monteiro, E. M. L. M., Brandão Neto, W., Gomes, I. M. B., Freitas, R. B. N. de, Brady, C. L., & Moraes, M. Úrsula B. de. (2009). Violence against children and adolescent: breaking the silence. Rev Rene, 10(3). Retrieved from



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