Registers of the nurse in the growth and development attendance: approach in child care consultation


  • Gabrielle Gama Teixeira Lima
  • Maria de Fátima de Oliveira Coutinho Silva
  • Teresa Neumann Alcoforado Costa
  • Ana Flávia Gomes de Britto Neves
  • Rosane Arruda Dantas
  • Anna Rosa e Souza Occhiuzzo Lima


Nursing records, Child development, Nursing care.


This is a documental study, with quantitative approach that aimed to inquire whether the notes of the growth and development of the child, in the context of the consultation of nursing in the basic net are in accordance with the one which is considered by the Health department and to reflect whether, in the registers, the nurse has planed to impact the health of the infant popu­lation. The sample consisted of 39 forms of children, who had been born in 2006 and had been accompanied in the child care during the first year of life. The results showed that to all the normative criteria that standardized the accompaniment of the child during the first year of life, were not being accomplished, and the follow up was not linked to what does not praise the Ministry of health. This way, it was observed that the space which would be destined to child care consultations, accomplished by the nurses, the notes which were supposed to have been taken by nurses were either lacking or not complete. Therefore, it was noticed that there was need to introduce and to foment debates on the importance of nursing consultation.




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Lima, G. G. T., Silva, M. de F. de O. C., Costa, T. N. A., Neves, A. F. G. de B., Dantas, R. A., & Lima, A. R. e S. O. (2009). Registers of the nurse in the growth and development attendance: approach in child care consultation. Rev Rene, 10(3). Retrieved from



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