The nursing team service at the vaccination room and working conditions in such places


  • Syntia Assis de Queiroz
  • Escolástica Rejane Ferreira Moura
  • Paula Sacha Frota Nogueira
  • Nancy Costa de Oliveira
  • Mayenne Myrcea Quintino Pereira


Vaccination, Refrigeration, Immunization Programs.


It is a relevant research to public health because it approaches the immunization quality. This is a descriptive study ac­complished in the 11(eleven) Family Health Centers of the Regional I Executive Secretary, Fortaleza – CE. The objective was to learn about the nursing team service in the vaccination room and to investigate the functioning conditions. Data were colleted based on the Evaluation Program Instrument for Monitoring of Vaccination Room – PAISSV (Version 2.0/2004). The nursing team was promoting the action of immunization and the nurse had a technical response in 100% of it. Nevertheless, it requires daily supervision. Some improvements like the following are required: distance from the refrigerator to the wall; refrigerator thawing; vaccines organization; evaporator coil, vaccines in non-perforated trays; maintenance of the vegetables tray; water bottles placed at the base and the door free of removable parts. Ten rooms used the map of monthly temperature control, but we found high temperatures without control. There was also lack of thermal box monitoring in six rooms.




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Queiroz, S. A. de, Moura, E. R. F., Nogueira, P. S. F., Oliveira, N. C. de, & Pereira, M. M. Q. (2009). The nursing team service at the vaccination room and working conditions in such places. Rev Rene, 10(4). Retrieved from



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