Live births profile, Maranguape – CE from 2000 to 2003


  • Nancy Costa de Oliveira
  • Escolástica Rejane Ferreira Moura
  • Cristiana Ferreira da Silva


Live birth, Information systems, Maternal and child health, Health status indicators.


It was objectified to analyze the profile of the live births in Maranguape-CE registered in the Live Births Information System (SINASC) between January, 2000 and December, 2003.5.032 declarations of live births (DN) of resident mother were analyzed. The DN was included in the SINASC Software of the Health Ministry and the data were presented in tabular format. The maternal age between 21 and 30 was predominant, education between4 and 11 years of study, the increase in the percentage of single mothers, APGAR index varying between 4 and 7 and weight right after birth between 2,500g and 3,999g. The number of only one pregnancy was predominant as well as the increase on the in number of pre-natal doctor’s appointment, reduction of premature births and increase in the percentage of caesarian section. The information SINASC is fundamental to decision taking to the mother-child health. Difficulties in relation to the feeding of the system need to be overcome through observation and control of the registrations.





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Oliveira, N. C. de, Moura, E. R. F., & Silva, C. F. da. (2007). Live births profile, Maranguape – CE from 2000 to 2003. Rev Rene, 8(1). Retrieved from



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