Interdisciplinarity on education


  • Maria Lúcia Borges Gattás
  • Antonia Regina Ferreira Furegato


Health education, Education, nursing, Interdisciplinary communication


This article aims at discussing theoretical concepts on interdisciplinarity, based on some experts, in order to overcome traditional teaching. In education, the current challenge is to assume a theoretical-methodological paradigm that makes it possible to deal with ambiguity, contradiction, uncertainty and leads to the perception of the meaning of chaos and complexity, without losing sight of the dynamics and singularity of the study phenomenon and, mainly, within a critical and reflexive perspective on its origin, nature, interactions and integrality. The interdisciplinary project is an innovative tool that promotes changes in education. Interdisciplinary activity requires specialized, original and diverse knowledge, allowing for a plurality of contributions with a view to a more consistent understanding of a certain object, like what happens in health professional teaching.





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