The profile of elderly people living in an asylum: nursing/health action proposal


  • Silvana Sidney Costa Santos
  • Ariane Minussi Feliciani
  • Bárbara Tarouco da Silva


Geriatric nursing, Homes for the Aged, Data collection.


The objective of this research was to identify the profile of aged residents in an Elderly Long Staying Institution; to develop actions of nursing/health that can contribute for a better quality of life of the aged people. It was an Exploratory, descriptive, diagnosis of an evaluation study, carried out in Rio Grande/RS, using the multidimensional evaluation of the elderly people applied for the structuralized interview, in 55 residents. The results were the following: 39 women and 16 men; between 63 and 105 years of age; 29 of which were widowers, 22 were single, 2 married and 1 divorced; 19 had completed graduated in elementary school; 15, had chosen to live in the institution; 23 had had falls; 12 were men and 29 women who seemed to have cognitive problems; 29 of the elderly people didn’t seem to have affective problems; as for the Daily activities, 1 man and 2 women seemed to be totally dependent; 9 men and 22 women seemed to be partially dependent; 6 men and 15 women seemed to be independent. Departing from the data, we identified 28 Nursing Diagnosis according to the NANDA and actions were established of nursing and health.





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Santos, S. S. C., Feliciani, A. M., & Silva, B. T. da. (2007). The profile of elderly people living in an asylum: nursing/health action proposal. Rev Rene, 8(3). Retrieved from



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