Ergonomic risks in the nursing practice at an obstetric center


  • Ramiro Lopes Pereira Filho
  • Márcia Maria Coelho Oliveira
  • Maria Vera Lúcia Moreira Leitão Cardoso


Ergonomics, Allied health personnel, Nurses’ Aides, Delivery rooms.


This is an exploratory study with quantitative approach that aims to evaluate the ergonomics related problems of high school level nursing workers, from the obstetric centre of a teaching hospital, in Fortaleza-Ce, during the month of June, 2003. The sample was composed by twenty two auxiliaries and two nursing technicians, all of them young women with little experience in the area. The interview was conducted with a semi-structured questionnaire which identified the professional performance and the difficulties at work. We noticed that the lack of a resting place (96%), the lack of stretcher-bearer (67%), the difficult transport of the patients (62%), resting need (62%) and the lack of material (25%) are the biggest difficulties. The high school level nursing workers daily labour practice, involves physical wear and tear, affecting their health and quality of life. The ergonomics analysis facilitates the recognition of man reality and their interaction with the workers. It also contributes to preserve workers satisfaction and to prevent psychopathologies.




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Pereira Filho, R. L., Oliveira, M. M. C., & Cardoso, M. V. L. M. L. (2006). Ergonomic risks in the nursing practice at an obstetric center. Rev Rene, 7(1). Retrieved from



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