Rooming in hospitalization: participation achieved?


  • Akemi Iwata Monteiro
  • Bertha Cruz Enders
  • Jovenal Dantas De Medeiros


Pediatric Nursing, Child hospitalized, Mother with child in hospital.


The objective of this study was to analyze the participation of the accompanying mother in the rooming in hospitalization system at a public pediatric hospital. This was an exploratory descriptive study with quantitative methodology conducted in the medical-clinical wards of the Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte pediatric hospital using a semi-structured interview with 22 mothers that accompanied their children during hospitalization. All of the mothers (100%) conducted hygiene activities with their children and 19 (86%) did feeding actions. The mothers report satisfaction in caring for their children. They do activities that are commonly done by nursing, thereby demonstrating the reality of rooming-in hospitalization. It is suggested that the professionals look upon these activities as an acquired conquest of the mothers and not as a responsibility.





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Monteiro, A. I., Enders, B. C., & Medeiros, J. D. D. (2006). Rooming in hospitalization: participation achieved?. Rev Rene, 7(2). Retrieved from



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