The Eric Berne existencial positions in women with fibromyalgia


  • Ana Cláudia de Souza Toniolli
  • Glória da Conceição Mesquita Leitão


Fibromyalgia, Emotion, Pain, Woman, Transactional Analysis.


The fibromyalgie is a painful phenomenon that the physical, dimension cognitive, spirituals and social dimensions are included with the complex network of the intra e inter-personals interactions and subordinate in the subjects life’s history. The emotions and beliefs of the low self-steam express to the women with fibromyalgie in the nurses consultations, into two pain outcomes, de Fortaleza-CE, incited the search in the existentials positions with the Transactional Analysis. After the good appear of the Ethics Comitê from the H.U.W.C./UFC is being the interviews in the august and september month’s 1999. The tragetory was qualitatively analiseted trough the Eric Berne Existentials Positions. The women fibromyalgie positions Non OK/OK generating of valorative auto-depreciation and the other ones supervalorization.




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