Post-graduation: vision of a group of students of master-EE/RP-USP


  • Ana Fátima Carvalho Fernandes
  • Silvana Martins Mishima
  • Marli Villela Mamede


Pos-graduation, Master, Students.


The work objectifies to describe the meaning of the post-graduation/master- for a group of student of EE/RP-USP-1997. It is a study of descriptive nature, with a qualitative approach, in order to analyse the thinking of the masters degree students concerning the master. The meaning that emerged were: professional and personal growth, learning X improvement, looks for of the scientific investigation, interaction with other professional X knowledge, new directions X growth. It is ended that the master is being of highest importance in the these students’ life, where the learning takes the search of a good quality in the teaching and in the professional life.




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Fernandes, A. F. C., Mishima, S. M., & Mamede, M. V. (2000). Post-graduation: vision of a group of students of master-EE/RP-USP. Rev Rene, 1(1). Retrieved from



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