Vision subnormal: nursing student’s perception


  • Maria Vera Lúcia M. Leitão Cardoso
  • Zaíra Araújo Simas


Vision subnormal, Pediatrics, Family.


Persons’ low vision is usually mistaken by others as blind persons. This study aims at to identify nursing students’ level of knowledge with regard to assist persons’ low vision. It is a descriptive and an exploratory research. A sample of 13 nursing students was selected from the nursing undergraduation program of the UFC. Data was collected during a training programmer in which a questionnaire, before and after it, was conducted. The findings obtained by the first survey showed that the nursing students’ have poor knowledge regarding to provide care for the persons’ low vision. After the training program, the level of knowledge had increased. Also the findings were categorized in the following patterns: education, socialization, helper, prevention and poor performance. Thus, this training program for the nursing students contributes to the nursing care for these kinds of persons.




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