Knowledge of women with visual impairment about the human papillomavirus and risk factors

  • Inacia Sátiro Xavier de França
  • Caroline Gomes Maciel
  • Jamilly da Silva Aragão
  • Alexsandro Silva Coura
  • Aldenice Oliveira dos Santos
  • Arthur Felipe Rodrigues Silva
Keywords: Visually Impaired Persons, Women’s Health, Papillomaviridae.


association with risk factors. Methods: cross-sectional study with 29 women with visual impairment using a questionnaire containing demographic variables, risk factors and knowledge about the human papillomavirus. The analysis was performed using analytical and descriptive statistics, Fisher’s test, considering the significancelevel of 5%. Results: most participants said that they had already heard about the human papillomavirus (86.2%).One verified an association between the knowledge about the virus and the age of first sexual intercourse, the preventive Papanicolaou test and the frequency and use of condom. Conclusion: women with visual impairment, although with limitations, show knowledge about the human papillomavirus. This knowledge was associatedwith risk factors.