Profile of pregnancy in adolescence and related clinical-obstetric occurrences


  • Maria Veraci Oliveira Queiroz
  • Eysler Gonçalves Maia Brasil
  • Caroline Magalhães de Alcântara
  • Maria da Glória Oliveira Carneiro



Pregnancy in Adolescence, Maternal Behavior, Socioeconomic Factors, Nursing.


The objective was to characterize the profile of adolescence pregnancy and its clinical and obstetric events. Descriptive, cross-sectional study, with quantitative approach, developed in a tertiary hospital in Fortaleza, CE, Brazil, with one hundred adolescent mothers, through interviews and registers from the medical records, from February to May, 2011. Data were analyzed by Statistical Package for the Social Science software, version 17.0. The majority lived with a partner who earned up to one minimum wage, had low education and unpaid occupational activity. Most of them also reported early sexual activity, and were primiparas. All of them had complete prenatal care, with an average number of 5.91 consultations. The percentage of uncomplicated births of newborns was 48.9%, being prematurity the most frequent (56.3%). It is necessary to have more encouragement to young mothers attending postnatal consultation and family planning, and to have access and learning contraceptive matters, making prevention to early pregnancy more effective.




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Queiroz, M. V. O., Brasil, E. G. M., Alcântara, C. M. de, & Carneiro, M. da G. O. (2014). Profile of pregnancy in adolescence and related clinical-obstetric occurrences. Rev Rene, 15(3).



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