Profile of tuberculosis patients


  • Elisângela Franco de Oliveira Cavalcante
  • Denise Maria Guerreiro Vieira da Silva


Tuberculosis, Epidemiology, Information Systems.


The objective was to build the profile of people affected by TB and describe how the disease presents itself in the city of Natal, Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil. It outlined a descriptive epidemiological study, with reported cases of tuberculosis in the National Notifiable Diseases System between 2006 and 2010. 2,632 cases were reported, by year of diagnosis. Disease incidence was greater when compared with national and other studies. The disease has shown cure rates slightly below the national figures. Diseases associated to the tuberculosis were present. Certain population groups are more likely to develop the disease in the city, most cases occurring among men in their economically active age group, and less profitable occupations. The existence of health professionals with tuberculosis was shown. The disease is highlighted in the social and economic context of the region and presents itself as a health problem to be faced by health professionals, health managers and population.





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