Knowledge, attitude and practice related tothe female condom


  • Ruanna Lorna Vieira Fernandes
  • Escolástica Rejane Ferreira Moura
  • Aline Rodrigues Feitoza
  • Danielle Rosa Evangelista
  • Mônica Oliveira Batista Oriá


Female Condoms, Contraception, Family Planning.


The purposes of this study were to investigate Knowledge, Attitude and Practice (KAP) of women in relation to the Female Condom (FC) and identify the number of women who adhered to the use of the method. Quasi-experimental research was performed using the before and after method involving 35 women. Data collection occurred with KAP pre-test, educational intervention, supply and implementation of three FC and KAP post-test 30 days after the intervention. The results of the pre-test indicated that 17 (48.6%) women had Moderate Knowledge; 12 (34.3%) showed Poor Attitude, and 34 (97.1%) Bad Practice. The post-test revealed Adequate Knowledge (n = 30, 85.3%); Moderate Attitude (n = 21, 62.9%) and Substantial Practice (n = 19, 55.9%). Twelve (35.3%) participants reported intention to continue the use of FC. We conclude women are willing to use the FC, since there is an effective educational intervention, resulting also in an improvement of KAP markers.



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Fernandes, R. L. V., Moura, E. R. F., Feitoza, A. R., Evangelista, D. R., & Oriá, M. O. B. (2012). Knowledge, attitude and practice related tothe female condom. Rev Rene, 13(4). Retrieved from



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