Knowledge of primiparous about the benefits of breastfeeding


  • Diana Soares de Azevedo
  • Ana Cândida Serafim dos Reis
  • Lydia Vieira Freitas
  • Priscila Bomfim Costa
  • Patrícia Neyva da Costa Pinheiro
  • Ana Kelve de Castro Damasceno


Breast feeding, Postpartum period, Knowledge


This is a descriptive study that aimed to identify the primiparous mother’s knowledge about the benefits of breastfeeding for the mother and the newborn It was developed in the Maternity School Assis Chateaubriand — MEAC, between the months of November 2006 and January 2007. The population consisted of primiparous mothers who were in the room of the institution. The sample was of 252 women. Health and nutritional value are the most cited benefits for the baby (48.0% and 14.7%), and a high percentage of women (69.8%) didn’t know the benefits that breastfeeding could provide for them. It is known that the correct knowledge about aspects of breastfeeding contributes to the success of this process; however, it does not determine that breastfeeding is done effectively. So, it highlights the need for consistent educational programs and full assistance to the woman who contemplates pregnancy and childbirth, in addition to comprehensive care to child health.




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Azevedo, D. S. de, Reis, A. C. S. dos, Freitas, L. V., Costa, P. B., Pinheiro, P. N. da C., & Damasceno, A. K. de C. (2010). Knowledge of primiparous about the benefits of breastfeeding. Rev Rene, 11(2). Retrieved from



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