Nursing diagnosis of patients in treatment of hemodialysis


  • Rose-Heloíse Holanda
  • Viviane Martins da Silva


Renal insufficiency, chronic, Renal dialysis, Nursing diagnosis.


The renal insufficiency is characterized by the slow and progressive loss of renal function, involving systems like: cardiovas­cular, endocrine, hematological and neurological. It constitutes a great public health problem. In a hemodialysis sector, it is necessary the use of nursing diagnosis to guide the needs assistance to each patient. This work aimed to identify nursing diagnosis of patients with chronic renal insufficiency in hemodialysis treatment. It is a descriptive study accomplished from August to October 2008 with 30 patients in a private clinic of hemodialysis in Fortaleza. The results showed the predominance of male patients. The average age of the patients was 46 years. Most of them came from the countryside of the state of Ceará. The others had come from other states of the country. 13 nurse diagnoses were identified. There were 30 defining character­istics and 12 related factors. It was concluded that the knowledge of nursing diagnoses will contribute for the direction of nursing care.




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