Nursing diagnosis clinical indicators related to the nutritional state


  • Adriana Lima de Sales
  • Marcos Venícios de Oliveira Lopes


Nursing diagnosis, Maternal nutrition physiology, Nutrition assessment.


The nutritional status evaluation is a complex procedure, mainly in the northeast of Brazil where two distinct realities are predominant: The malnutrition and the overweight / obesity. This situation is complicated when it comes to pregnancy, where the quality of prenatal consultations performed by nurses has a great importance. The main goal of this study was to analyze the clinical indicators contained in the nursing records of the pregnant women that presented the nursing diagnoses of unbalanced nutrition and performed the prenatal in a Center of Natural Childbirth. 116 Records were evaluated and among them we found 90 diagnosis records at issue. The results demonstrated that the academic and professionals used inadequately the NANDA taxonomy building diagnosis inaccurately, leaving out characteristics which are considered important. We may so conclude that there is the need to increase attention to the records of the defined characteristics of such diagnosis.





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Sales, A. L. de, & Lopes, M. V. de O. (2008). Nursing diagnosis clinical indicators related to the nutritional state. Rev Rene, 9(2). Retrieved from



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