The database Scielo as a source for researches on the theme vaccination


  • Viviane Moreira Alves
  • Francisca Aline Arrais Sampaio
  • Tatiana Maria Coelho Veloso
  • Marcos Venícios de Oliveira Lopes


Research, Vaccination, Data bases bibliographic.


The aim of this study was to select the articles which were available for the research in the database SCIELO on the theme vaccination. The research is of the descriptive king, based on inquiry to the database SCIELO, where we looked for the articles which were associated with the chosen theme. 217 articles were found and, after being read, 87 were selected. The categories which were created were: experimental as well as bibliographical studies and others. The categories “experimental Studies” and “Bibliographical Studies” were divided in three subcategories nominated as homonymous as far as effectiveness of vaccines, biotechnology and prevention are concerned. We got to the conclusion that the research aimed at quite diversified themes, with several kinds of works referring to experimental studies.




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Alves, V. M., Sampaio, F. A. A., Veloso, T. M. C., & Lopes, M. V. de O. (2006). The database Scielo as a source for researches on the theme vaccination. Rev Rene, 7(1). Retrieved from



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