Nursing care in the rooming-in: the nurse’s view


  • Francisca Leonilda Sampaio
  • Isolda Pereira da Silveira


Rooming-in care, Nursing care, Puerperium.


The study aimed at analyzing the nurse’s participation in the nursing care provided in the rooming-in and describing how the nurse perceives the nursing care to the puerperal woman and to the newborn. The study has been accomplished in the rooming-in at a public hospital in Fortaleza, CE. The participants were seven nurses that were assigned to this unit. The method for data collection was a semi-structured interview. It was carried out from December 2003 to February 2004. The results made possible the identification of the following categories: Concern with the puerperal woman’s acclimatization and well-being in the rooming-in; Absence of technical resources to complement the nursing care and the good course of the unit; Revealing affectivity in taking care; Promoting health education. It has been concluded that change on the part of the administrators, including the nursing ones, is possible, in order to provide the clientele with a more humane and quality stay.





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Sampaio, F. L., & Silveira, I. P. da. (2005). Nursing care in the rooming-in: the nurse’s view. Rev Rene, 6(1). Retrieved from



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