Information systems in health: analysis of the utilization by nurses


  • Viviane Moreira Alves
  • Zélia Arcanjo Moura
  • Marcos Venícios de Oliveira Lopes


Information Systems, Medical Informatics, Community Health Services, Public Health Nursing.


The study aimed at evaluating the information system used in the Basic Units of Attention to Family’s Health (UBASF), based on the nurses’ opinions. The study has an exploratory and descriptive character. It was developed in three Fortaleza’s Units with 13 nurses. The data were collected through structured interviews about the pertinence, promptness in completing forms, information search, clearness and objectivity of the information system used. They were organized in charts with indication of absolute frequencies. Among the difficulties reported, the most mentioned was the lack of promptness of the system. Of the features that require revision, the most frequently mentioned was the production of the reports demanded by the Health Ministry as well as by the municipal administration. And of the items to be included in the system, the most cited were including maps and adding data on the manual information systems.




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