Epidemic vigilance in a basic unit of family health


  • Janaína Fonseca Victor
  • Alessandra Pereira Viana
  • Adriana Rocha de Araújo
  • Lea Maria Moura Barroso


Epidemiologic surveillance, family health.


One aimed at knowing how the professionals of the Family Health Program (PSF) develop the actions of epidemic vigilance in a Basic Unit Family Health. Descriptive study with qualitative approach. The subjects of the study were five doctors and five nurses of the program. The results allowed the identification of the following categories: conception and experience in the epidemic vigilance. One concluded that the Family Health Program’s professionals are important elements in the actions of epidemic vigilance, however, they need technical qualification for a better operation of developed actions.




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Victor, J. F., Viana, A. P., Araújo, A. R. de, & Barroso, L. M. M. (2003). Epidemic vigilance in a basic unit of family health. Rev Rene, 4(2). Retrieved from http://www.periodicos.ufc.br/rene/article/view/5697



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