Maternal mortality: study of the epimemic profile in a school maternity


  • Maria Ivoneide Veríssimo de Oliveira
  • Sarah Maria Fraxe Pessoa
  • Rosiléa Alves de Sousa
  • Maria Rosimar de Jesus Barbosa


Hypertension, pregnancy, maternal mortality, complications.


The authors analyzed 12 cases of maternal death that happened at the School Maternity Assis Chateaubriand – Federal University of Ceará after implantation of the Committee of maternal mortality implanted in October of 1999 to the year 2000. The age group prevailed from 30 to 38 years (41,6%), pregnant with 02 or more children (66,6%) and the second half of the gestation was the age of pregnancy of occurrence of the death (41%). in relation to prenatal attendance, most had done 5 to 7 consultations (58,3%), presenting (41,6%), of maternal risk, needing attendance. On the 12 investigated cases, 25% of the women were transferred from other hospitals arriving in the institution in serious state. The eclâmpsia was the cause more common of the deaths (33,3%) following by the pré-eclâmpsia and premature labor with (16%). as for the decisive factors of the death, the cerebral vascular accident and the coagulation disturbance contributed with (25%) and the Syndrome of Help with (16%). The direct obstetric causes were responsible for (80%) of the deaths. The results pointed the disease specific hipertensiva of the gestation (DHEG) as main cause of the presented deaths, whose frequent occurrence takes us to render about the attendance and the need of adoption of specific measures for this pathology.




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Oliveira, M. I. V. de, Pessoa, S. M. F., Sousa, R. A. de, & Barbosa, M. R. de J. (2002). Maternal mortality: study of the epimemic profile in a school maternity. Rev Rene, 3(1). Retrieved from



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