One must not play with health... but by playing we can learn how to take care of health…


  • Jansen Valério de Oliveira
  • Thelma Leite de Araújo


Health Education, Nursing, Educational Technology.


Educative actions integrate nurses’ everyday life, turning the development of educational technologies important. One aimed at describing the collective building of material under the form of an educative game. It was developed from March to September 2002 in the Nursing Department of a public university. In the first phase, a prototype of the material was developed in order to be evaluated by nurses and Nursing students who participated in a research group on heart health. Participants presented suggestions that were incorporated in the initial proposal, contributing to the construction of material with esthetic and educative resources considered appropriated to be validated by users.




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Oliveira, J. V. de, & Araújo, T. L. de. (2002). One must not play with health. but by playing we can learn how to take care of health…. Rev Rene, 3(2). Retrieved from



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