The adolescents’ perceptions before vulnerability situation


  • Neiva Francenelly Cunha Vieira
  • Maria do Socorro Mendonça Sherlock
  • Aline Pereira de Queiroz


Health Education, Health Promotion, Adolescence, School health.


The study’s objectives are to exam the perception of adolescents concerning vulnerability; identifying the factors and situations that the adolescents feel more vulnerable, so that it may contribute with the theoretical and methodological framework towards to adolescent health promotion. The qualitative study was inspired by the health belief model by Becker and Rosenstock (1974) cited by Nutebeam (1998). Data showed that the nursing job should focus on providing social and emotional support for adolescents who perceive vulnerable due to family conflict, and also to those who are vulnerable to engage in unsafe behaviour influenced by their groups, friends and partners. Thus, based on the health belief model, the health education strategies should lead adolescents to realize their harriers, to cope with them, and to envisage the benefits of the change behaviour.




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Vieira, N. F. C., Sherlock, M. do S. M., & Queiroz, A. P. de. (2001). The adolescents’ perceptions before vulnerability situation. Rev Rene, 2(2). Retrieved from



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