Meanings of family under the perspective of parents of adolescent students


  • Francisca Georgina Macedo de Sousa
  • Leda Barros de Castro
  • Ana Larissa Araujo Nogueria
  • Italo Rodolfo Silva
  • Dennyse Cristina Macedo da Silva
  • Nayra Michele Anjos Amorim



Pediatric Nursing, Family Relations, Adolescent.


This study aimed to understand the meanings of family according to parents of adolescent students. A qualitative research conducted with nine parents of adolescents from a public school, Maranhão, Brazil. Data collection occurred through unstructured interview from February to April 2011, and were submitted to thematic content analysis. Eight themes emerged: Structure, values and meanings of family; Roles and functions of family members; Family and school; Family dynamics and the health-disease process in the family; Affective bonds and family relationships; Strategies for family functioning; Feelings and support network; Adolescence and the adolescent in the family. The meanings of family overtook consanguinity, extending to friendship, solidarity and affection in a dynamic relationship that involves dialogue, affection, love and responsibility.




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Sousa, F. G. M. de, Castro, L. B. de, Nogueria, A. L. A., Silva, I. R., Silva, D. C. M. da, & Amorim, N. M. A. (2014). Meanings of family under the perspective of parents of adolescent students. Rev Rene, 15(3).



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