Family meanings and values to school teenagers


  • Ítalo Rodolfo Silva
  • Francisca Georgina Macedo de Sousa
  • Marinese Hermínia Santos
  • Carlos Leonardo Figueiredo Cunha
  • Thiago Privado da Silva
  • Daniele Castro Barbosa


Nursing, Family, Adolescent.


The family is characterized as complex institutions that can support the development of principles and values of its members especially to teenagers. Based on such statements, the objective of this study was to understand the meanings and values of families for teenager students. It is a qualitative study, using the technique of the Collective Subject Discourse for data analysis. We interviewed 14 teenagers at a public university in São Luís/MA/BR. To collect data we used semi-structured interviews. Five speeches were presented: The family as a value; family roles for teens, family structure, family life in adolescents and feelings unveiled in the family. It was possible to understand the influence of the family in the adolescent development revealing the need for nursing care strategies to the adolescent and family.



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Silva, Ítalo R., Sousa, F. G. M. de, Santos, M. H., Cunha, C. L. F., Silva, T. P. da, & Barbosa, D. C. (2011). Family meanings and values to school teenagers. Rev Rene, 12(4). Retrieved from



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