Nutrition and health-related quality of life among people with hypertension


  • Patrícia Costa dos Santos da Silva
  • Silvana Maria Coelho Leite Fava
  • Juliana Pereira Machado
  • Simone Maria Muniz da Silva Bezerra
  • Michelle Pita Tavares Gonçalves
  • Eugenia Velludo Veiga



Feeding, Quality of life, Hypertension, Primary Health Care, Nursing.


Aimed at analyzing the association between diet and health-related quality of life of people with systemic arterial hypertension. A descriptive-analytic study of 397 hypertensive people conducted from April to July 2013 attended by a family health strategy center unit in south Minas Gerais, MG, Brazil. The Minichal instrument was used for evaluating health-related quality of life and another instrument was used for nutrition. The average value found in the Minichal instrument was 4.2 in the mental state domain and 3.4 in the domain of somatic manifestations. Most participants had partially adequate nutrition; 67.8% mentioned not receiving any advice or treatment for weight loss; obesity was present in 35.5%. It was concluded that diet is significantly associated with mental state.




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Silva, P. C. dos S. da, Fava, S. M. C. L., Machado, J. P., Bezerra, S. M. M. da S., Gonçalves, M. P. T., & Veiga, E. V. (2014). Nutrition and health-related quality of life among people with hypertension. Rev Rene, 15(6).



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